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Question #300

Twilight: I don’t want to use it ever again.

Question #299

Twilight: It doesn’t sound like something good…

Question #298

Twilight: The mystery keeps unsolved.

Aaaaand back! Again!

This is getting ridiculous.

So my router stopped working and I didn’t have internet nor telephone for, what? 4 days? I think it was 4 days. And when I don’t have internet, I’m forced to face Real Life! x_X

On other, happier news, I did pass my exam for the university! Yaaay! I think I start on late August. Yes, that means a little less time to work on updates. But! There’s always a good but. If my cousin is correct, I can enter the program to study in other countries. You know what I mean? If it’s possible, and if I’m lucky, I can go and study to the USA or Canada or Europe! Thus being able to attend to those big pony cons and meet some of you!

Isn’t that great?!

However, tomorrow APS will continue, and sorry for the lack of updates, but you know, there are problems one can’t solve immediately.

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Question #297

Mod: Twas quite the experience for Twily. And now, dear children, our pretty purple pony princess needs to finish processing everything that’s happened. Maybe a few questions will help! And with that I mean that I need a few normal posts before the next arc. ^^ Love ya.

Ok *cough* time for explanations, children

It seems there are people slightly angry with Starswirl’s words, so I see fit to, ahh, explain the situation.

Starswirl is a pony who lived a long, long time ago, where the way ponies thought was different. Just look at your grandparents, they don’t quite think the same as you do, and you will not think the same as your grandchildren will. Now imagine of a pony who lived over a thousand years ago.

Starswirl said that Twilight is better than him only because, being the same soul, she can actually cast spells with ease, and probably even create her own spells. But guess what? That doesn’t make it true.

If you have paid attention, the spell that brought Starswirl to the present is ancient Earth Pony magic combined with a little of unicorn magic. Thus, Starswirl was able to cast it in his time, and now Twilight did the same. Therefore, Starswirl, in his inhability to cast proper spells, had to figure out how to cast a very complex spell with ease. Something our little Twi wouldn’t have thought herself.

Now, as said in today’s post, Starswirl grew up in an environment where unicorns unable to do magic were USELESS. You’d think that, to him, anypony who can cast the levitation spell with ease is better than him.

And because I don’t think it’ll be explained in the story. The King and Queen unicorns of that time saw Starswirl’s talent of creating spells, and they being wise and all that, decided to help him fake that he was powerful. Thus, while creating spells and researching magic, he could have the support of every unicorn. But he knew (THOUGHT) that he was inferior to everyone else.

Now, if you have anything else to say in the matter, please contact me and I will answer. But just to clarify: Twilight ain’t perfect ‘kay? Nopony is. I thought I already implied it when Celestia and Luna, all wise and powerful, don’t have the slightlest idea of how alicornhood works. Thank you very much.

Mod: Starswirl could have explained a little better! And Twily needs a better Central Processing Unit, she keeps freezing at shocking news. Ha! Get it? Shocking news… Nevermind.

Oh, hey, who read the extended synopsis of Rainbow Rocks? If you wanna talk about it, head to my mod blog! And also, this lil’ arc is coming to its end and the next one will be centered in Twily again. Well, mostly on Twily.

Mod: Because I like to think that Cutie Marks are not only the representation of a pony’s special talent, but a representation of the circumstances of how and where they were raised.

I’m back!

What did I miss? A whole pony Con debacle? I’ve just read about it.

I’m in my new house with new and bigger desk and chair, so I’m happy. I wanted to post something today, but my dog is injured in her left hind leg and I have to buy medicine and other stuff. And I’m exhausted.

But do not fret! Tomorrow we’ll be back with APS and we’ll know Starswirl’s special talent! And speaking of it, people has been asking about Starswirl’s Cutie Mark. I forgot not everypony follow my mod blog, so, here’s how his Cutie Mark looks like:

Taken directly from the book where the Cutie Mark swap spell was.

See you around!

Jul 9

Question #296

Mod: The true meaning of his Cutie Mark?! What does that mean?! Does this count as cliffhanger?! Why tumblr only lets me upload up to 10 images?! Why do I make so many questions?!

Btw, I won’t have internet from tomorrow until sunday because I’m moving, so no updates until I get my internet back =(. But that gives me time to work on the next update, and it’s going to be a lot different from what I’ve done here so far. Can you guess what’s gonna happen? Only one hint: The mane six, Luna, Celestia, Discord, Sunset, the Royal Guards and three of your OCs will be involved in the very same arc!

Till Sunday/Monday!